1964,born in Fujian Province – his ancestral home in Inner Mongolia.
1988, graduated from the Fine Art Department of Fujian Normal University majored in Oil


1992, received post-graduate degree from Nagoya University of Arts Japan and won scholarships of Japan Tokyo Sato International Cultural Consortium and Consortium Legal Person Japan International Education Association.

1995, graduated from Oil Painting Specialty of Postgraduate School of Aichi Prefecture University of Fine Arts and received Art Master’s Degree in.

2000, continued with further art study in USA New York Hunter College.

1994 ~ 2002, positioned as lecturer in painting creation of Japan NHK Cultural Centre

2002 ~ 2005, positioned as visiting professor of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

2006, invited to give a lecture at Cambridge St. Barnabas International Print Center UK

2007, invited to Stifyung Insel Hombroich Neuss studio German

At present, teaching in China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the Director of Cultural Relations Department.

Solo exhibition

Impressions on Tibet Impressions on New York (Otemachi Gallery,Tokyo),1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002

2000 Tang Chenghua’s Graphic Art Exhibition(New Y0rk First Bank Gallery,USA)
2002 Impressions on New York (Toyotahome-Tokyo)
Exhibition of Graphic Art Works The Chinese and Japanese(The Taibei New City Gallery) 2003-2004

Dreamland and reality—Touring Exhibition of Tang Chenghua’s Graphic Art Gallery of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts;the Art Gallery of China Si’an Academy of Fine Arts; Otemachi Gallery,Tokyo;Sinceritel Gallery Japan;Taibei New City Art Gallery.

Tang Chenghua`s Works Exhibition(Creation Art Gallery Beijing) 2005 Tang Chenghua`s Works Exhibition(Miyabi Art Gallery Japan) Dreamland and reality (Creation Art Gallery Beijing)
2006 [The Charm of the South](SINCERITE Gallery Japan) England Skylark Gallery.

Cambridge St. Barnabas Gallery.

Ricefield Chinese Arts and Cultural Centre, Glasgow

2007 Cloud in the Heaven—Tang Chenghua`s Works Exhibition(Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum)

2008 A Story of Spring—Painting,Installation,Photography(Cube art Museum,Beijing)

A Story of Spring—Painting,Installation(Creation Art Gallery,Beijing) 2011 Tang Silk –National Museum, Beijing
2012 Tang Art—-Hamburger Hof For Contemporary Art
Group Exhibtion:

2005 The 2st Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing

2006 The Invitation Exhibition of Cardiff School of Art and Design PRINT EX, UK

Seoul International print, Photo& Edition Works Art Fair, Korea

The 1st International Art Biennale, Beijing

2007 Source–contemporary Printmaking Invitation Exhibition(The Art Gallery of Hubei Institutl of Fine Arts)

Approach—International contemporary Art Exhibition(Cube art Museum) International Print Biennale in Guanlan China
“Two-man-show” (Gallery Xinguanguang,Beijing)
2008“Once upon a time” Winter Solstice(Cube art Museum) “Silk-Sand”Ching and Australian Print Art Exhibition

China Contemporary Art Document Exhibition (GeHua art Museum,Beijing)
Being Here-Works by the China Printmaking Workshop Alliance Exhibition(M Space,


The 3st Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing

Approach2—International contemporary Art Exhibition(Schreier&Vonmetternich Fine Arts,Dusseldorf)

“Three Worlds”Fotography and Video of Yang Qi,Tang ChengHua and Peng Rong, Malkasten Dusseldorf,Germany

“New Paper Art”Art Gallery of World Journal,New York USA

Works Collected by:

China Fujian Normal University, The Bingxin Museum,

Central Academy of Fine Arts, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, SiChuan Museum of Print Art?Nagoya University of Arts, Tokyo Sato Museum of Art, Gasasa Museum of Art,

Japan Aichi International Academy, MoriMatsu corporation Japan
Meien corporation Japan
The New York First Bank (USA)

Peru National Museum of Art,
National Taiwanese Normal University art museum