Zhu Jianhui ‘Rope’  2010 

Woodblock printed with water-soluble ink on xuan paper. Image size: 50 x 100 cm.  

Editon: 25

Zhu Jianhui, from Qidong, Jiangsu province. 

‘Rope’ represents those visible and invisible elements which constrain us in our modern lives. The artist used the style of the Terracotta Army to suggest how tradition can constrain us in today’s life. 

By using fine cutting to create a realistic impression of the rope, the artist also uses this to highlight the contrast between this detail and more abstract, spiritual concepts.

Born in 1963 Jiangsu Province,China
Graduated from Fine Arts Academy of Nantong University (China) in 1987,
Certificated by Fine Arts Academy of China Center in 1996
Member of Chinese artists association
Member of Chinese printing association
Chinese first printing court——President of Qidong printing court First Class National artist

Solo exhibition/joint-exhibition

2009 extension exhibition——Chinese Contemporary painter in the exhibition[No. One New York Bank Gallery]
2010 Clue——2010 Jianhui Zhu printmaking art exhibition [China Shanghai Art Musum]

2011 line——2011 Jianhui Zhu printmaking art exhibition [National Art Musum China]
2012 Depth——2012 Jianhui Zhu printmaking art exhibition [St Barnabas Gallery Cambridge UK]


“Bronze Award”of 8th China’s national CangShuPiao exhibition in 1998[China urumqi]

Taiwan 9th international printing and drawing biennale in 1998 [China Taiwan]
Taipei international art exhibition in 1999 [China Taiwan]
The 9th Chinese fine art exhibition in 1999 [China Hohhot]
China 100 anniversary printing exhibition in 2000 [China Chongqing]

“Bronze Award”of the first over-sea’s Chinese art exhibition in 2000 [China Beijing]

China ·Japan, the international printing exhibition [Japan]

The fifth Chinese sports fine art exhibition in 2001 [Guangzhou China]
The 16th Chinese printing works display in 2002 [Hefei Chinese Taiwan international mini printing invitational exhibition in 2004[China Taiwan]

“Silver Award” of the 6th Chinese sports fine art exhibition in 2005 [China Nanjing]

French [Chinese culture year] Chinese printing exhibition in 2005 [France]

‘Recommendation awards” of Taiwan 12th biennale international printing exhibition in 2006 [China Taiwan]

2007 China ·Guanlan biennale international printing exhibition [Shenzhen China]

The “Honorable Mention” of 18th national printing works exhibition in 2007 [Shanghai China]

The third China Beijing biennale international art in 2008 [China Beijing]
The black and white wood printing exhibition of 21st century in 2008 [South Korea]
The first international version of Yunnan exhibition [kun min China]

“Bronze award “of Olympic art meeting in 2008 [Beijing China]

Taiwan international mini printing invitational exhibition in 2008[China Taiwan]
China excellent printing exhibition in 2009 [Austria]

The 11th Chinese national fine art exhibition “winning nomination” in 2009 [Beijing China]

The world expo 2010 Shanghai China fine art exhibition invited works display [China Shanghai]

The 14th biennale Taiwan international printing display in 2010 [China Taiwan]
International printing interchange display in 2010 [China Hong Kong] The 19th Chinese printing works display in 2011 [Hangzhou China]


“Return of 20th century – Print Collection of Zhu Jianhui”, ISBN: 962-7872-24-4.!
Author: Dieter Wanczura
(January 2007, updated August 2009)!