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‘Ground Floor’ A Biennial Exhibition of New Art From Chicago at Hyde Park Art Centre

Date: 10/12 2020 – 28/02 2021

We are delighted to share this exciting news, Qianwen Yu, features in the above exhibition with 19 other young talented artists. 

Artist: Qianwen Yu

Ground Floor’, an ongoing Biennial exhibition since 2010, founded by the Andy Warhol Visual Arts Foundation, Illinois Arts Council and National Art Foundation Grant, brings together work by Chicago’s most promising emerging talent. The exhibition offers a single destination to discover artists, who have recently graduated (in 2019 and 2020) from one of Chicago’s five outstanding MFA programs and whose work demands to be seen and supported. 

Ground Floor presents art made in the past couple of years and hopes to investigate and articulate conceptual and stylistic trends coming out of Chicago art schools right now. Many of the artists in this year’s exhibition came to Chicago from other cities and countries, attracted by the city’s reputation as a hotbed of experimentation in art and activism. Ground Floor—so named because it provides a crucial platform for young artists and expands the entire lower level of the Art Centre, gives exhibiting artists a major public venue in which to display their works at a critical juncture in their careers, helping to build, support and ensure a strong and vibrant community of artists in Chicago.

Image from ‘Ground Floor 2016’

This year, the exhibition will present for the first time in person the thesis work of ten 2020 graduates, whose thesis exhibitions were largely presented online because of the ongoing pandemic.The artists in the exhibition were selected by the Art Centre’s Exhibitions Committee from a competitive pool of applicants who were nominated by respected Chicago-based artists, curators, and administrators. 

The Rhythm Behind the City, 2019, Media: woven fabric, woven video, installation, by Qianwem Yu

‘In Rhythm Behind the City’ (2019) Qianwen Yu takes experiments from 20th century Modernism in animation, weaving, and architecture and reimagines them in the contemporary moving-image arena. Inspired by “Metabolism”, a Japanese Architectural Movement, throughout 2019 Qianwen captured the “skin” of Chicago with photographs of the city’s exterior. These images were woven into the fabric and reanimated with techniques inspired by 20th-century Direct Animation works. Through the mutual decomposition and reconstruction of different mediums, and the journey back and forth between hand and digital, the source material is transformed and returned to the city’s environment. The transition between these mediums adds motion and reveals a vibrant and vital rhythm behind the city.

Check the link for this coming exhibition: https://www.hydeparkart.org/exhibition-archive/ground-floor-2020/

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All images copyright @Qianwen Yu