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Chen Long 陈龙

(b. 1971)

My works embody both traditional and contemporary elements, which is the principle purpose of the work while technique is the indispensable mode to manifest the meanings. The process of searching for the right way to express is more important than the final product, but both follow the same goal, to bear contemporary relevance. The closer art is to life, the more will it reflect the conflicts in life and the stronger is the impulse to conquer the various conflicts in collective unconsciousness. Everything is right there. In the process of reproduction to representation, we must feel it as real in order to create the sense of satisfaction and trust, and thus must make it more real than reality. This sense of realness can be taken as the natural state deep in human beings or the thirst for restoration to that natural state. Truthfulness turns to an ideal state, or a sense of rebirth which is not the least repressed. With this in mind, I transform images from reality to fit a certain idea of representation, that is, to push their potential to extreme from the basis of realism. In the search for meaning, motifs may arise from nowhere, or seem far from reality. However, to represent with virtual and fantastic techniques makes it easier to portray certain real objects purely and meet the public aesthetic cognisance and taste. Out of my own need, I create artistic images and subtly empower them with cognitive significance in the process, which will transcend visual images, probe into the nature of reality, purify it and thus enter the free world of creativity. In fact, only when we go beyond individuality can our works be enjoyed by more people. Vision and fantasy come from the enlightened and cast individuality. They melt into the law of development in reality, which follows the rein of history, and in turn becomes history. It is on such kind of metamorphosed reality that the fate of my art and of me stands.

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