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Lu Zhi Ping 卢治平

b.1947 Shanghai

Lu Zhiping grew up in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution, and there, inspired by the beauty of rivers and mountains he began his life as a painter. Lu Zhiping employs the traditional Chinese ink painting method, but dilutes the colour focussing on black, white and grey. In China ink painting theory, there are five sub colours of ink, meaning different kinds of grey can replace different colours, and it will be not only rich but also more abstract and formal. Grey represents moderation, peaceful, gentleness, not overjoyed, nor overly sad. It is the colour to symbolise those people who are undisturbed either by favour or disgrace. It will give you sense of philosophy and metaphysical feeling and will make the picture quiet and peaceful as well. I repeatedly adjust the levels relations among black, white and grey, wishing to create the rhythm like music and poetry.

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