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Asia Art London 2023, 26th Oct – 1st Nov

Yichun Huang: Multi - Dimensional World of Healing Colours   Immerse yourself in a transformative journey through vibrant artworks merging the enigmatic cosmos, ancient myths, and tangible realities, evoking a world of healing colours with Yichun Huang.  ...

ARTEFACT – The Contemporary Craft Fair 9 – 13 May 2023

ARTEFACT - The Contemporary Craft Fair 9 - 13 May 2023 ArtChina showcases a collective of young female artists who employ innovative techniques, unique storytelling, and imaginative artworks at ARTEFACT at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Ground Floor. Dates: Tuesday 9...

London Original Print Fair, 30 March – 2 April 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to the London Original Print Fair 2023 Thursday 30 March - Sunday 2 April 2023 Discover the World of Chinese Prints with an Unparalleled Collection from ArtChina. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new collection of Chinese...

Exclusive Art Exhibition Event on the 9 – 11 December 2022

Hope you are looking forward to the coming festive season. Are you looking to do something special this year? Why not join us as a VIP for our exclusive Art Exhibition on the 9th – 11th December. We have a fantastic  new collection of prints, sculptures, installation,...

London Original Print Fair, 26 – 29 May 2022

We are delighted to announce our seventh year's participation in LOPF. It will take place in the elegant West Wing galleries of Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA from Thursday26 - Sunday29 May 2022.   Save the dates and come to see the latest prints from...

London Original Print Week 1 – 8 May 2021

We are participating in London Original Print Week 1- 8 May 2021 through its online platform. We are showing a collection of new prints in various styles and techniques by our artists. Just click into our viewing room you can enjoy them at your fingertips.

Blend Tradition and Evolution 

ArtChina will exhibit the work of a range of contemporary Chinese artists at London Original Print Fair 3 – 6 May 2018. Amongst the artists featured, perhaps most notable for blending tradition and evolution is Hangzhou artist Wang Chao.

Modernity Meets Tradition

ArtChina has revealed a range of artworks to be shown in the London Original Print Fair 3 – 6 May 2018 at RA.


East Meets West

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

2nd November – 11th December 2017