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Bringing Contemporary Chinese Art to the UK


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Liu Jing 刘京

Liu Jing is a well-established, award-winning Chinese artist, focusing on printmaking since 2001. His primary focus in on oil-based woodcut prints, a medium through which he creates portraits of old masters and other historical and political Chinese figures.

Hammer Chen 大目耳

Hammer Chen is an award-winning Chinese printmaker and illustrator whose work stems from an interest in using marks and textures to express sensations and emotions and to explore the mind, body, and self. She also runs printmaking studio Wait and Roll in Shanghai.

Kelly Mi 米凯莉

Kelly Mi has been interested in painting since childhood and is now a well-known artist in China, following a successful career in acting and TV producing. Her recent paintings focus on artificial intelligence and its role in our lives today.

Zhu Kecheng 朱珂橙

Zhu Kecheng is a Chinese artist who creates lithography prints that focus primarily on different parts of the human body, conscious and unconscious body language, our relationships with one another and ourselves, and the psychology surrounding these connections.

A Ge 阿鸽

A Ge is an established Chinese printmaker whose woodcut art represents national minority subjects in black and white, water-soluble, and oil-based inks. She is a member of the Yi ethnic minority and works to nurture artistic talents and promote artwork by others from Chinese minority groups.

Jiao Xingtao 焦兴涛

Jiao Xingtao is a widely exhibited Chinese sculptor. His most recent work is conceptual, a comment on the consumerist excesses of today’s society. He transforms objects—often packaging, such as a discarded Hermès box—with scale and fibreglass to make pieces of statement art.

Chen Qi 陈琦

Chen Qi’s creates black and white series of woodcut prints, most recently representing the reflections, ebb, and flow of water. These prints are quite risky with no specific focal point, looking at water’s abstract properties, and using it as a metaphor for change and the passage of time.

Chen Long 陈龙

Chen Long is a Chinese woodcut printmaker whose work brings together traditional and contemporary elements to address various conflicts that sit within our collective unconsciousness. These realities of life are often represented by images that seem drawn from a fantasy world.

Wang Chao 王超

Wang Chao is an award winning Chinese woodcut printmaker whose architectural style work is characterised by fine lines, refined colouring and subtle tonalities. It alludes to the past in both technique and in subject matter, often a witty contemporary take on historical visual and literary genres.