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Bringing Contemporary Chinese Art to the UK


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Liu Jing 刘京

Liu Jing Work Experience 2012-Recent    Lecturer, Director of  Formative Arts, Changsha Normal University, ChangSha,HuNan Province,China. 2006-2009     Teacher, Drawing and Printmaking,ChangSha Normal College, ChangSha,HuNan Province,China. Education         ...

Kelly Mi 米凯莉

Kelly Mi 米凯莉 Kelly has been interested in painting since childhood. She is now a well known artist in China, after a successful career in acting and TV producing. In her recent paintings, Kelly seemed amazed at what artificial intelligence can do: a...

Zhu Kecheng 朱珂橙

Zhu Kecheng 朱珂澄 2014-2010 Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an, Shanxi, China 2016-2018 Camberwell College of Arts, MA Visual Art Printmaking, London Intertwined, touched, detached hands and feet, talking about the relationships that I saw in the daily life, conscious...