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Yang Qi 杨起

b.1952 in Wuhu, China

1978-82 Bachelor of Arts at Normal University Anhui, China

1986-87 Lecturer of Department of Arts, Shanghai Normal University and working College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

Curatorial assistant of exhibition with City University New York and Shanghai University

1987 Artist Lecturer Exchanging Programme at Hochschule der Künste (University of Arts) in Berlin through College of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

1990 Beginning of the further study for Ph.D. at Institute of Art History, Uni. Heidelberg

Lecturer of ancient Chinese ideograms during the study of Ph.D.

1991 Member of Professional Artist Association Germany

1996 Doctor of Philosophy at Institute of Art History, University Heidelberg, Germany

1999 Nominated as Professor by Academy of Arts, University of Anhui, China

2001 Curatorial collaborator der „Großen Ausstellung“ Düsseldorf

Juror of School Art Competition by Deutsche Telecom

2002Nominated as Juror for “Shanghai International Environment Art & Sculpture Expo”

Since 2003Visiting Professor of Free Art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Xi`an, China

2003-05Representative Professor of Free Painting at Bergisch University
in Wuppertal, Germany

2005-2014Advisor of Identity Foundation Germany

2006“Out of the Nothing”, Spiritual Summer Academy at Island Hombroich, Germany

Travel to the Yellow River and the North-West of China

2009Exchanging exhibition project with Malkasten Düsseldorf and Central Academy Beijing, China

2004-14 UNESCO-Art Projects in Frankfurt, Wittenberg, Weimar, Karlsruhe and Essen

2011Metaphysical Form of Ink Performance by “German Zen Festival”

Artist and curator for special project by Hunterkunst Nederland

2012 “Long-life learning” – Project of European Union, Luxembourg

Artist and Curator of 9.Shanghai Biennale – Düsseldorf  Pavilion

„Top Five“of 9. Shanghai Biennale – City Pavilions

2013 Vice- President of Adam Schall von Bell Science and Art Association

2014 Representative artist on the behalf of China for the donation of the artwork “UNICEF-Heart” for UNICEF in Germany

Artist and Co-curator of “German Neo-Expressionism and Abstract Figuration” at China Art Museum in Shanghai

2015 Juror of International Art Award “Protagonist” by Venice, Italy

Appointed as special Professor for Art Lectures at the Art Academy of Fine Arts, East China Normal University Shanghai

Nominated as artist of the year 2015 with the painting “The artist as hermit” by KFK Bremen, Germany

Artist Curator for Europe Art and Initiator of “Ceramic Symposium International”  in Dehua, China

Talk show “On National Art” by Shanghai TV and international Press with M. Luepertz, Qi Yang and Shi Dawei at China Art Museum Shanghai

Invitation to one-person show “Identity – From me to myself” at ARTtrium by The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations & The Ministry of Security and Justice, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Cooperative Initiator of the symposium „German-Chinese Urbane Art and Art Education” at Institute of Art Research Shanghai

2017 Nominated as Artist Researcher and Director of International Centre for Art Education at Li Keran Painting Academy in Beijing 

2019 International art project: Honorable to be invited to Art Valley by Visiting Artist Program of Tongji University and University of Southern California  

Nominated as Artist Researcher by the National Research Center of New Creative Culture, Fudan University Shanghai  

2020 Nominated for the Wolfgang Hahn Award – Contemporary Art Award International 

2021 Invitation to participation for “Personal Structures” as a part of Biennale in Venice 2022 

Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany


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