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Yu Chengyou

Brief C.V

1953 Born in Shandong province, China
1986 BA at JiXi Normal College ,China
Present: Dean of Heilongjiang Printmaking Institute, Vice-director of Harbin Art Museum


1984 “Night of Village”-Silver Prize at 6th National Art Exhibition
1993 “Tea”-Golden Prize from the Japanese Association for the Promotion of Chinese Prints “Peace”-Chosen for exhibiting at the 11th National Print Exhibition
1994 “Remembrance”-Honored as an outstanding work in the 8th National Art Exhibition “Encirclement”-Silver Prize at 12th National Print Art Exhibition
1996 “Snowbound along the Road Near Mountain Village”-Silver Prize at 13th National Print Exhibition
1998 “Primeval Echoes”-Selected for exhibiting at the 14th National Print Exhibition
1998 “Book Vouchers(set of five)”-Silver Prize at 7th National Exhibition of book Vouchers

About Yu Chengyou’s work

Yu Chengyou ‘s images have drawn upon the natural surroundings of the northern provinces of china, from wild life to human life , places that through the simplicity of his style, seem tranquility and uncluttered, quite a contrast to the metropolises’ of China. Solace from the maddening crowd and industrialisation of China. His work promises something better for us, a world to strive for. These are prints of vision and style, with analytical precision and imagination, that is unique to Yu Chengyou

The Dreamlike Landscapes

The dreamlike landscapes in Yu Chengyou’s art tell legends of the spirit, and his poetic lines are splashed with magnificent pure colors. He infuses the North landscape with abstract constructs, seeking out formal beauty in his lines. Natural still objects are orderly arranged for the purity of the artist’s image structure. His bird paintings have the exquisite vividness of Northern Song bird and flower paintings but also the succinct flawlessness of modern abstract form while maintaining the purity of classical eastern philosophy

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