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About ArtChina


ArtChina aims to introduce established and emerging Chinese artists to a UK audience as well as support cultural exchanges between China and the UK.

We have developed extensive links with Chinese artists and art institutes within China itself as well as globally. We work to continually expand our network to uncover new talents, with a focus on contemporary Chinese art, and to grow these relationships. This allows us to access the best paintings, sculptures, installations, and prints from China so we can introduce an ever-expanding Western audience to the wonders of Chinese art.

The company, which is based in Cambridge, was founded by Aimin Liu in 2015, and participates in exhibitions and art fairs across the UK with a strong focus on the London art scene.


About Our Founder


Aimin Liu was born in the city of Chengdu in SiChuang (famous for its spicy food and the SiChuang pepper), located in the southwest of China. From her background as a classical Chinese ink painter, she came to study fine art and art history in the UK in 2000 and settled in Cambridge where she has lived since.

During her studies, she became involved with helping Chinese artists with exhibitions in the UK and this experience set the wheels of ArtChina in motion.

Learn more about ArtChina in our interview with Aimin.