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ARTEFACT – The Contemporary Craft Fair 9 – 13 May 2023

ArtChina showcases a collective of young female artists who employ innovative techniques, unique storytelling, and imaginative artworks at ARTEFACT at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Ground Floor.

Dates: Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 April 2023

Opening times: 10.30am – 5.30pm (Thursday late night: Open until 7.30pm)

The Flower Behind the Eyes’, Ink – Jet Print, Yichun Huang

Her work is about exploring the Connection between the Universe and the Divine leads us into a mystical world of metaphysics. She believes the energy is one of the most fundamental building blocks of the Universe, while religion is a belief and worship of higher beings and energies. Whether through meditation, prayer or other means, people always attempt to connect with higher levels of existence in the Universe, drawing energy and wisdom from it. In this vast and mysterious Universe, we can never know all the answers, but we can discover more about the mysteries of everything through continued exploration and contemplation.

‘Me and My Ugliness’, Silver, By Yingqi Guan

This series of work is the story of multiple women Yingqi interviewed. she draw strength from everyday examples of women’s indomitable desire for equality and liberation. She try to use jewellery as a medium to illustrate the paradox of “ugly”. It runs through, dominates, dictates the growth experience of some people, and even creates societal stereotypes. In this series of works, I altered what people have become accustomed to as the perception of “ugly”, and explored it from a new perspective by changing roles. This isn’t just a big heavy necklace. She draw strength from everyday examples of women’s unbeatable desire for equality and liberation. Let it be a source of inspiration, to give people the courage to refuse to bow their heads, to give in, to break free, and pierce the veil of liberal ideology that hides hypocrisy, verbal violence, and destruction.

To this day everyone seems to think that “female beauty is a moral issue” and “female beauty reflects the greater value of women”. So since “appearance” can represent value, then she want to describe this value in an absurd form. She is trying to wrap the “look” and give it a new symbol. For me, jewellery is often a medium of emotional expression, and it can also be a reflection of the creator’s own subjective thinking and ideas. In this kind of thinking with emotion and narrative sense, the process of recreation is carried out, and at the same time, it is also exploring the possibility of combining contemporary culture with contemporary narrative.

‘Spontaneous Game’, the mirror acrylic printed, by Rongjun Zhao

‘According to Bachelard’s theory, all circumstances and things are attached to multiple meanings, and the human perspective can only describe a small fraction of the world.

And because I believe this, I like to express my feeling through visuals that are chaotic, imprecise, and ambiguous.
Here’s what I’m thinking: the possibility of everything that grows out of the noise.

The natural sights I observe all around me, the old walls in the city, surrounding the usual spectacles, and all those things that have never piqued anyone’s curiosity are my inspiration.

Aren’t we forgetting the world of things themselves? the voice-less things once placed as a decor.They don’t appear to be special, yet they are.They exist in the objective world, yet they are not limited to their image.Their surfaces are fluid, and I’m curious about what lies beneath them.I’d like to abandon the conventional fixed discourse context in search of these objects that flow beneath the ambiguity.

My work is based on the self-conscious’ understanding of these traces, the image association between the self-experience and the subconscious, the search for the cracks outside the inherent rules, and the infinite possibilities created by the self-perceived exile. They emerge spontaneously from the nature of the wall, the object, the real and illusory collision, and relevance.’ words by Rongjun Zhao.

‘Bri – collage’, 3D drawing by Naixin Shi

Naixin Shi’s work focuses on exploring the relationship between abandoned spaces, waste, and memory. In this exhibition, she presents a series of handcrafted models and collage works that express the position of uninhabited spaces in reality and memory.

In these works, Naixin attempts to illustrate the ruins of memory by depicting abandoned spaces. These spaces are devoid of human presence, and their walls and floors are almost collapsing, making one wonder if memory can still exist in such ruins.

In addition, the exhibition features two furniture installations created by Naixin that express the preciousness of memory like amber. She has gently repaired the broken objects and wrapped their fragments in the furniture installations, allowing us to feel the existence and value of memory.

Ripple Chen with her lokaReboon Futuristic Material

lokaReboon is a sustainable and eco-friendly innovative futuristic material made from recycled natural rubber balloons.
We use recycled coloured latex balloons as raw materials, which not only retain the rich colours of balloons, but also have excellent material strength and wear resistance, and have a very long service life.

In addition, the lokaReboon production process does not need secondary dyeing, does not produce secondary industrial wastewater.

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