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We are very excited to introduce you to our new artist, Chinese sculptor, Lu Jun.

He graduated from the sculpture department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in 1989, and has, for more than 40 years, been engaged in painting, public art, and sculpture. He then lived in Shenzhen, China, a city that is becoming the front line for contemporary Chinese art in China. His public sculpture is easy to spot in the city.

Recently, Lu Jun moved in Cambridge, in the UK to continue his creativity. Below are two sculptures which we are going to exhibit at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London. They are titled the “Awakened Circle” series which is an extension of his “BABY” series. The sculptures explore the idea of combining and deconstructing various life forms, connecting with public environments and facilities in our real social lives, as well as inspiring the senses to inspire viewers to think about the next generation and our future.

The “BABY” series originates from his unpredictable childlike innocence and love for children. The childlike bodies and naive expressions, seemingly weak but actually very strong and bursting with vitality, are fascinating. 

In real life, Lu Jun enjoys being around children. They also see him as a big child. They are the driving force and source of inspiration for the creation of this series of works. He has also found endless creative pleasure from this series and as well as profound social significance. 

A baby is in the very beginning stages of human life, and this is also the most innocent, carefree, sincere, pure, viable, hopeful, and infinitely imaginative life stage. This series focuses on the future of individual life and our world in the future; paying attention to babies is paying attention to the development of human beings. He is combining and deconstructing various life forms with a baby’s vulnerable image.

To see Lu Jun’s work in person, visit our stand at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, in London from 12-15 March. For half price tickets, click here and enter the code: ARTCHINAHP.