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Joined hands to fight the virus

前言 Introduction


People across the world are going through a difficult time due to the outbreak of CONVID-19. In this we’ve seen the authority of the nature, the fragility of lives, the importance of health and the complexity of human nature. It also gives us reflection on reverence, solidarity, self-discipline, gratitude, responsibility, dedication, trust, courage, integrity and caring.


Virus knows no boundary, race, status, gender nor age, which makes it our common enemy. While we are staying home in self-quarantine, there are brave soldiers fighting the virus in the front line and trying their best to protect us from it. With joined efforts, the epidemic in China is now under control.


In this time we’ve witnessed different measures taken by different countries in the world, and heard different voices which are worth listening and reflecting on, both voices of approval and voices of criticism. No man is perfect, nor is any country. Seeing the journal of Fang Fang being published overseas, mixed feelings arise. We can’t judge things without knowing the whole picture, especially not with bias. Truth can only be shown from different angels and by different people.


For that, Nine artists from different provinces of China have voluntarily created this video together with limited conditions and invited famous singer Ye Lu as the voice. With this bilingual video, we intend to show the world what China is like under the epidemic, and hope that it can help people from different countries and regions see the real China comprehensively and objectively from different perspectives. Let’s join hands and fight the virus together.


As Queen Elizabeth II said in her televised speech on April 5th: better days will return; we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again.


We will meet again!

Script of the video: 


Chinese people are well protected by the bravest among them.


January 23rd, 2020, Wuhan City was locked down.

钟南山赴武汉  An Academician who rushed to Wuhan


Led the fight against SARS 17 years ago, ZHONG Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 84 years old, has once again stepped forward and rushed to Wuhan from Guangzhou to fight in the front line.


“Peaceful times are only possible because of those who shelter us from the storm.”

白衣天使请战书 A Petition to join the battle


When our country was in need, the Angels in White (the doctors and nurses) asked for assignment to join the battle voluntarily.


“Could you keep it from my mother? she’ll be worried!”


“With no consideration for payment or even their own safety.”


There is no Angles in White, they are just some young people changed into medical uniforms, who endeavor to save lives and fight against Death, like their elders do.

5.12汶川地震幸存女孩留武汉做志愿者 A girl who stayed in Wuhan as a volunteer


A girl who survived the 2008 Wunchuan Earthquake in Sichuan Province chose to stay in Wuhan and joined the logistics team in her community to provide free transportation service for more than 2000 residents and patients, without telling her mother. “As long as we fight together, we will triumph over the virus!”

一位妈妈给儿子的一封信:要活下来 A letter from a mother to her son: Stay alive


In Wuhan, an elderly stayed in the hospital alone for five days and nights just to wait for a vacancy in the hospital for her infected son. Right before her son was taken into the inpatient ward, she asked for a pen and wrote to him:”Stay alive.”She was 90 years old and her son was 65.

“生命摆渡人”顺丰小哥汪勇WANG Yong, a deliveryman from SF Express, is called “Ferryman of Lives”.


WANG Yong, a deliveryman from SF Express, is called “Ferryman of Lives”. He voluntarily took on the commuting of the medical staff in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital by himself, and then their transportation and meals, and later gathered a group of volunteers to support more than 1000 doctors and nurses and provide logistics service in the hospital. “I’m always here whenever needed.”WANG Yong said, “I’d like to spend more time with my family when this is over.”All the heroes in this battle are just plain human who choose to stand up and fight.

娃娃要抱抱 A hug


An infected infant in the quarantine room reached out trying to get a hug from the nurse. She burst into tears outside the window.

当爱情遇到疫情 A promise (When love is caught by the virus)


A young couple was going to get married during the Spring Festival. When the virus struck , they had to put their love away and postpone their wedding in order to fight for Wuhan. Seeing each other across the window with their masks on, they said: “my love, let’s get married when this is over.”

吹哨人李文亮医生去世 A Whistle-blower: Dr. LI Wenliang passed away


Dr. LI Wenliang, a brave and respectable doctor, fought in the front line during the most crucial time in Wuhan. Even when he was infected and sent into ICU, he kept a positive attitude and said that he would come back and fight again. We desperately hoped for a miracle. Yet a horrible news came. In the early morning of February 7th, the whistle-blower Dr. LI Wenliang left us. The miracle didn’t happen.

中国奇迹,10天建好火神山医院 A Wonder of China: 10 days to build the Huoshenshan Hospital


Because of the virus outbreak , Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital project was established on January 24th and the construction was completed on February 2nd. It took China 10 days and nights to build a modern hospital with a accommodation for 1000 people, during which 40 million people “supervised” online.


This is the speed of China. Many people may think China is“infrastructure-holic”. It’s only possible because of a group of people who go all out and work from day to night.

清洁工老人匿名捐赠12000元 An anonymous donation of 12000 yuan


An elder man with a sanitary hat put a piece of paper and 12000 yuan on the counter of the police office and left. A surveillance camera caught this–he was 68 years old, a janitor in this village.


It concerns every single one of us.

人民子弟兵 The people’s army

“若有战,召必至!” 疫情就是命令,大年三十,在战“疫”关键时刻,人民子弟兵逆行奔向最危险的战场。

“We’ll be there whenever called for during a war.”The outbreak was like an order. In the crucial time a day before Chinese New Year, the people’s army reached the most dangerous battlefield in Wuhan.

全国各大医院全力支援 Full support from hospitals across the country


Xiehe from the north, Xiangya from the south, Qilu from the east, Huaxi from the west, these four top hospitals in China joined efforts in Wuhan. 31 medical groups from across the country, more than 40 thousand people, joined the fight in Wuhan, and none of them was infected.

海外华人 support from overseas Chinese


Overseas Chinese and students donated medical materials and chartered a plane to deliver them directly back to China.

世界各国捐赠 Donations from other countries


Despite the variation in landscapes, we share the same sky and moon, so together we stand in times of difficulty. A great number of countries have showed their support to China.

浦东机场严防境外输入Shanghai Pudong International Airport,strictly prevent the virus importation from overseas


As the largest “air corridor” in China, Shanghai Pudong International Airport can accommodate 50 million passengers annually, and has become the front line and main battlefield against the epidemic. “Strictly prevent the virus importation from overseas and guard our country!”Chinese policemen put on their outfits and went off to this special war with no hesitation, like Baymax. They are fighting together with their friends and for their motherland. They may be plain human, but they are our heroes.

张文宏医生Dr. ZHANG Wenhong


Dr. ZHANG Wenhong, director of Infections Department in Shanghai Huashan Hospital, who is candid, practical and reliable, checked on the patients in quarantine in person every week in order to lift the concerns of the medical staff who worked in the front line. “

携手抗疫 Hands in Hands to fight the virus


The virus knows no border. In this time of massive outbreak overseas, let us join hands and fight the virus to protect this planet we share.

出品:中华文化促进会苏州代表机构, 中国沙画家协会,上海协申联合企业大学艺术人文学院, Artchinauk, 予艺艺术

Presents: Chinese Culture Promotion Society(SuZhou), Sand Painters Association of China, College of Arts and Humanities of Shanghai United University, ArtChinauk,Yuyi Art