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“In the Sunshine, 2002” by He Weimin

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Woodcut printed with oil-based ink on xuan paper. Image size: 40 x 160 cm. Edition: 50

Benefit from both Western and Chinese cultures, Weimin has combined the European content with the form of Chinese seal cutting which encourages him create a unique language of woodcut.

Northern Ireland has long been connected with conflict. After accidentally experiencing a life-threatening activity in 2001, Weimin He had a new understanding about peace. Sunshine is relatively rare in Northern Ireland. Weimin once saw many people sitting on the ground and enjoying the sunshine in the Botanic Gardens with many doves flying around, he was deeply moved by this scene. The sun generously gives sunlight to everyone regardless what religion or what race he or she is. Sunshine brings people from all backgrounds together, peacefully and harmoniously. After several months’ hard work, the woodcut ‘In the Sunshine’ was born.

Copies of this print are in the collection of the Ashmolean Museum and the China National Museum of Art.


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