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“Lost – Lost of Land Series II” by He Kun


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Reduction woodcut printed with oil-based ink; Edition: 5; Images size: 60x90cm, £3,210.00 inc. VAT



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He Kun has been regarded as a leading artist of the reduction woodcut art in China.

In China, reduction woodblock printing was first created by several young artists in Simao (now Pu’er), Yunnan Province during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Later on, He Kun, as well as some other young artists, soon be widely recognised in the printmaking field and since then their technique has been greatly developed. With their consistent efforts, a special printing style of both minority and contemporary characteristics came into being and has been increasingly known by the art world ever since.

Lost on the useless , disordered land, a man stands, his hands hanging down heavily, feeling hopeless, lost and defeated, gazing at the ground. This same land used to be full of life and hope, and is now over developed and over X used. It conveys the need for humans to reflect and be alert to the relationship between themselves and nature.

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