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“Reconstructed Landscape 《重构山水-4》” by Cao Ou


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50cm×100cm, Water-based Woodcut, unframed.


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I have always been attracted by the beauty of repetition. I am sensitive to the unified form of mechanised production in life, such as the tall windowsills, the parallel patterns on the walls, and the geometric patterns in clothes. These are complex and unified forms of beauty, hence I chose to use geometry as my linguistic symbol to express the idea of the picture in pure form. Sometimes such process of simplification can produce a more intriguing effect, leaving a lasting impact with clarity. – Cao Ou


This series is based on the Song Dynasty painter Wang Ximeng’s ‘A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains’, all reinterpreted with a few shapes, which constitutes a visual representation of the landscape, rationally using simple shapes to become a complex composition. The shapes are pilled up into a triangular stacking game. The colours overlap repeatedly, and the use of primary colours creates a dizzy effect.

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