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A Seminar: Investing in Contemporary Chinese Art

Mark your calendars: As a part of our ongoing exhibition at Henley & Partners in London, ArtChina will give a seminar on how to invest in art, particularly in Chinese contemporary art, on 6 December, at 20 Grosvenor Place.

Please email Aimin at aimin@artchinauk.com for details if you would like to attend or visit our exhibition before it closes on 15 December.

ArtChina founder Aimin has been asked many times, question such as: China is so big, and with so many artists, so how do I know which to choose if I want to start collecting contemporary Chinese art?” She likes to suggest that they choose the one artwork that first caught their eye and start their collection from that artist, focusing on one print technique or one type of art, beginning with a price they can afford. After a period of time, they will be able to explore the work of new artists and begin to collect higher value pieces.

There are many choices now for collectors who are young or just starting out to discover, starting with some of the brand new prints we’ve recently added to our online shop.

Yu Chengyou: Prints so new you can smell the paint!

Print: ‘River in Autumn’, oil-based woodcut by Yu Chengyou, framed, £200

Yu Chengyou has released a new series of landscape woodcuts, all 22cm x 30cm. “River in Autumn” captures the beauty of autumn colours, golden yellow, burgundy red, sky blue. At the foreground, the reflections of trees with ripples perfectly blended together guide your eyes to the bank, where there’s a contour of a reindeer and Nordmann Fir with contrasting Silver Birches and trees with golden leaves. In addition to a wonderful composition, this print fully demonstrates Yu’s artistic strength and conveys the peaceful aesthetic of nature.

Mu Beini: An intricate new series of lithography prints!

Print: ‘Flower’s Whisper’, offset lithography by Mu Beini, framed: £200

One of the talented emerging Chinese female artists in our collection, Mu Beini has released a brand new series of 10 offset lithography prints titled ‘Flower’s Whisper’. This intricate work was inspired by Mu Beini’s observations of the flowers in her garden each day, in different seasons and weathers, as well as her personal emotions during these studies. The full series is now is available on our online shop.

Art keeps us hopeful!