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Tang Chenghua:
Immersive Art Exhibiting in Printing Studio, Beijing
5th May – 18th June 2019

Instead of exhibiting in a tidy and fancy art museum, this time Tang Chenghua will show his working environment, staff and creation process at a screenprinting studio in Beijing.

Tang’s art is abstract, mainly the process of improvisation, which expresses the concept of unconsciousness, spontaneity and random creation, emphasised by surrealism. Interestingly, the inspiration for Tang’s screenprints originated from pop art in 1960s America, even though pop art is against abstract expressionism.

Tang screenprints contain no obvious figures; only improvisation, freedom and passion can be found in his work.

The creation and production of art is a complex spiritual activity.

First, there is the observation, experience and aesthetic understanding of the social life; second, there is the use of mediums and techniques to express this aesthetic understanding.

Tang has been exploring the relationships between abstraction and nature and colour for years. The single printmaking form can no longer satisfy his creative passion. With more than forty years of experience, he has been able to master a specific artistic language and has an understanding all kinds of mediums.

Can you see that the above works were created with three identical sketch drafts?

The two works above are also created based on the same sketch draft.

The prints are diverse and complex. Based on an original line structure, the artist paints with a new artistic language that not only enhances the artistic value of the work, but also more makes the process more productive.


See more of Tang’s artwork on our website and this blog post (which has a great video!) and contact us for prints.