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One of the most productive and passionate artist in China today is painter Tang Chenghua, whose work we have in our collection and have exhibition at various events in the UK. He has a new solo exhibition open now, running through 28 July, 2019, at TianJin Haibin Art Museum in China.

Photo: Exhibition poster outside Tianjin Binhai museum

Photo: Tang Chenghua’s opening talk

Tang Chenghua Painting at opening Photo: Tang Chenghua painting at the opening event

We know that the most enticing art tends to be full of passion. From Tang’s work, you can see and feel his infinite passion for artistic creation. In his eyes, a world without colour is bleak. Colour needs passion. Our life needs passion. We need to find ways to light up life with colours, to dress up life with art. These are the messages that Tang want to communicate to his audience through his work.

Photo: Tang Chenghua’s interactive opening event

Photo: Tang Chenghua’s installation

“Colour has always been a symbol of our consciousness and our life throughout human history,” Tang said at his opening event. “We must not only know how to use colour, but also how to blend the power of our actions into the colour, observing nature carefully, expressing the unrestrained power of life through the ocean of colour. The extravagance of colours in art is the way to demonstrate our passions and embrace life.”

Photo: Tang Chenghua’s installation

Photo: Tang Chenghua’s installation

During an interactive experience on the opening day, the artist, the guests and the audience were painted with various colours in front of Tang’s installation, depicting the colourful summer with intertwined brushstrokes.

Photo: Tang Chenghua’s painting – detail

Photo: Tang Chenghua one-of-a-kind ceramic piece

Tang is exhibiting his latest works, such as the ceramic “Wind in May”, and the large scale mixed medium on canvas paintings titled “Southern charm” and “Clouds in the Sky”. There are also installations of re-created models on site in the museum, as well as an installation created according to the structural elements and spaces there.

Photo: Tang Chenghua – “Clouds in the Sky No.18 -1” – mixed media on canvas

Photo: Tang Chenghua – “Southern Charm 2019 -11” – mixed media on canvas

If you’re interested in purchasing one of Tang’s prints or have any questions regarding his artwork, please contact us.