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It is good news that Tang Chenghua is going to open his solo show, titled ‘Watching’ on 27th Sept. 2020 at Qiandu Changjiang Art Museum in Taiyuan, China. The exhibition will be open to the public until 5th Jan. 2021. 

As we know how difficult it is for artists and art exhibitions this year. Tang said: “Due to the epidemic, my many schedules in this year, such as sketching, exhibitions and other activities have been forced to cancel. Recently, I haven’t done much painting but reading, exercising and resting. During quarantine, I did in-depth thinking of art and life, especially the revaluation of life.”

‘Blossoming Apricot Tree II’, Acrylic on Canvas, 105cm x 690cm, 2020

The exhibition title “Watching” is Tang’s reflection on the present situation in our world. When humans are facing the unknown virus which is causing a worldwide disaster. The kind nature of “watching and helping each other” has naturally become common sense for all humans, and the fundamental support for “Watching” must be the expectation and yearning for a happy and beautiful future. 

‘Blossoming Apricot Tree III’, Acrylic on Canvas, 200cm x 750cm, 2020

The new series painting ‘Blossoming Apricot Tree’, which Tang painted recently, is also the focus piece for this exhibition.  “When we see apricot flowers in early spring, we should not forget the Bible’s revelation that the apricot tree, as a tree of vigilance and watchfulness, heralds the coming of spring and the revival of all things. God is in charge of the universe, and his promises are unchangeable and never delayed” Tang said this is where he takes inspiration from for the new paintings.

‘Blossoming Apricot Tree IV’, Acrylic on Canvas, 320cm x 240cm, 2020

‘Every collision will make you unforgettable, will let your endeavour rise again at the moment when your encouragement is about to disappear. Each time, the failures and setbacks experienced in this situation create a context of real experience that cannot be obtained by painting.’ Tang added. 

‘Blossoming Apricot Tree V’, Acrylic on Canvas, 320cm x 240cm, 2020

His painting depicts the mythical relationship between self-awareness, physical space, and daily experience. He employs the language of aesthetics for an order to sway the brush on his canvas, between space and objects, to seek the colour interaction and balance between human and reality, nature and the state of the moment. 

‘Blossoming Apricot Tree VI’, Acrylic on Canvas, 320cm x 240cm, 2020

It is not difficult to see that the series of new works exhibited in the show and the source of inspiration cannot be separated from the artist’s experience during the quarantine period.  Through this philosophical formal language, it shows that Tang is deeply inquiring about perception, imagination, and the fundamental power of beauty.

If you are interested in Tang’s painting or for commission’s by Tang, please email aimin@artchinauk.com.