Modernity Meets Tradition in ArtChina’s New Portfolio to be Featured at London Original Print Fair

ArtChina has revealed a range of artworks to be shown at the London Original Print Fair 3 – 6 May 2018.  In many of the works, a recurring theme is continued: the combination of modern subjects and styles with traditional methods.

  • Wang Chao: six prints exploring a new aspect of Ming painting and printing 

About the Artist: Wang Chao was born in 1986 and studied printmaking at the China Academy of Arts. He is professor at the Academy and director of its noted Purple Bamboo Studio. He won the Fukuoka Art Museum prize in 1998 and has received numerous awards at provincial and national exhibitions. Wang’s work has been collected by the leading museums in China, Europe and the USA. Wang makes multiple allusions to the past in both technique and in subject matter. The fine lines, refined colouring and subtle tonalities are reminiscent of illustrative printing from the Ming and Qing periods and Japanese Surimono

About the Artwork: These six prints are based on art from around the time of Wanli, but the detail is simplified. The appearance is of aged silk    paintings, achieved with the use of a newly manufactured paper called Tangzhi. And here we see the douban method of printing.







Traditional tools and ingredients for the Douban method of printing




  • A Ge: ‘Stroll’ Woodblock print, printed with water soluble colour


About the ArtistA Ge, is a member of the Yi ethnic minority living in Yuexi County, Liangshan, Sichuan. She is one of a group of Sichuan artists who create images of the national minorities in black and white woodblock prints, printed with both water soluble colour and oil based inks. 

About the Artwork ?‘Stroll’ depicts a full-length portrait of two young girls in national dress. A modern expressionist style has been combined with Chinese calligraphic brush work to portray these two friends enjoying a walk together.




  • Fang Zhaoling: landscape paintings as Chinese letter papers








About the ArtistFang Zhaoling was born in Jiangsu Province in 1914.  She studied in Shanghai and later in Britain at Manchester University. After the WW2, she followed many of the masters of Chinese painting, such as Zhao Shaoang of the Lingnan School and later Zhang Daqian, both renowned (in part) for combining Western impressionism with traditional Chinese techniques.

About the Artwork?The artwork is a book containing 26 letter papers. It is printed in water soluble colour from pear wood blocks with blind embossing and presented in a traditional thread bound format. The use of woodblock printing from small blocks  (douban  ), combined with blind embossing (gonghua ??), was first used in China by Wu Faxiang in c.1624 and later in the letter papers of the Ten Bamboo Studio. The books were produced by Beijing Yuanyuan studio in 2014, in order to continue the art of traditional engraving art otherwise on the verge of decline. They carefully selected the works of Ms.Fang Zhaolin. Then, over one and a half years, they carved, printed, bound, and finally produced 100 books. 


ArtChina will participate in the exhibition East Meets West at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour ( ), from 2nd until 11th of November.

The exhibition is part of Asian Art in London ( /). ArtChina will showcase a range of prints, paintings and ceramics.

Mixture watercolour, ink, oil pastel by Tang Chenghua

Acrylic painted on DeHua white porcelain by Yang Qi

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‘The Winter at Lianghe Village’ by Yu Chengyou, 100x150cm, woodcut, 2011

Representative Artists: Xu Bing, Shu Xinping, Yang Qi, Yu Chengyou, He Kun, He Weimin, Zhu Jianghui, Chen Qi,Chen Long,Wuon Gean Ho, Lu Zhiping, Mu Beini, Wan Bing,Tang Chenghua



HRH The Prince of Wales’ s Signed Lithographs at New Millennium Gallery, Beijing

Friday 21st Oct  –  Sunday 6th Nov. 2016


Hesheng, No.8 Xiaoyun Road, Air Quadrangle Courtyard

Art China joins the prestigious  “The London Original Print Fair”

Held at the Royal Academy of Arts, the London Original Print Fair offers an opportunity to view works from all periods of printmaking, from the earliest woodcuts of Dürer, to the latest editions by contemporary masters. The intimate, boutique Fair provides a friendly atmosphere for both budding collectors and seasoned print enthusiasts to engage with dealers and artists.


Art China organize the First time HRH Prince Charles prints Exhibition in China.

At Ninbo 117 Cultural Centre, 14 of the  Prince of Wales’s Signed Lithographs based on his watercolours.
The lithographs have covered subjects such as the beautiful royal homes, Balmoral, Sandringham, Highgrove and Windsor Castle, together with landscapes of the Prince’s favourite places, including Yorkshire, Greece, Klosters, Arabia and Scotland which capture the Prince’s love for the natural beauty of the countryside wherever he is.