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Asia Art London 2023, 26th Oct – 1st Nov

Yichun Huang: Multi – Dimensional World of Healing Colours


Immerse yourself in a transformative journey through vibrant artworks merging the enigmatic cosmos, ancient myths, and tangible realities, evoking a world of healing colours with Yichun Huang.



Gallery 6, Second floor
4 Cromwell Place, South Kensington London SW7 2JE



Cromwell Place Lates x Asian Art in London
Fri 27th Oct 18.00–20.00  RSVP Essential for security RSVP: aimin@artchinauk.com

Thurs 26th Oct     11.00–18.00

Fri 27th Oct          11.00–20.00

Sat 28th Oct         11.00–19.00

Sun 29th Oct       11.00–16.00

Mon 30th– Tues 31st Oct   11.00–19.00

Wed 1st Nov         11.00–16.00


Multi-Dimensional Color Healing World, the broadly speaking
27th Oct 14.00; RSVP: info@artchinauk.com

A Multidimensional Journey from Sacred Geometry to the Present
28th Oct, 14.00;  RSVP: info@artchinauk.com

Deities in Chinese mythology headed by dragon
29th Oct, 14.00; RSVP: info@artchinauk.com




ARTEFACT – The Contemporary Craft Fair 9 – 13 May 2023

ARTEFACT – The Contemporary Craft Fair 9 – 13 May 2023

ArtChina showcases a collective of young female artists who employ innovative techniques, unique storytelling, and imaginative artworks at ARTEFACT at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, Ground Floor.

Dates: Tuesday 9 – Saturday 13 April 2023

Opening times: 10.30am – 5.30pm (Thursday late night: Open until 7.30pm)

The Flower Behind the Eyes’, Ink – Jet Print, Yichun Huang

Her work is about exploring the Connection between the Universe and the Divine leads us into a mystical world of metaphysics. She believes the energy is one of the most fundamental building blocks of the Universe, while religion is a belief and worship of higher beings and energies. Whether through meditation, prayer or other means, people always attempt to connect with higher levels of existence in the Universe, drawing energy and wisdom from it. In this vast and mysterious Universe, we can never know all the answers, but we can discover more about the mysteries of everything through continued exploration and contemplation.

‘Me and My Ugliness’, Silver, By Yingqi Guan

This series of work is the story of multiple women Yingqi interviewed. she draw strength from everyday examples of women’s indomitable desire for equality and liberation. She try to use jewellery as a medium to illustrate the paradox of “ugly”. It runs through, dominates, dictates the growth experience of some people, and even creates societal stereotypes. In this series of works, I altered what people have become accustomed to as the perception of “ugly”, and explored it from a new perspective by changing roles. This isn’t just a big heavy necklace. She draw strength from everyday examples of women’s unbeatable desire for equality and liberation. Let it be a source of inspiration, to give people the courage to refuse to bow their heads, to give in, to break free, and pierce the veil of liberal ideology that hides hypocrisy, verbal violence, and destruction.

To this day everyone seems to think that “female beauty is a moral issue” and “female beauty reflects the greater value of women”. So since “appearance” can represent value, then she want to describe this value in an absurd form. She is trying to wrap the “look” and give it a new symbol. For me, jewellery is often a medium of emotional expression, and it can also be a reflection of the creator’s own subjective thinking and ideas. In this kind of thinking with emotion and narrative sense, the process of recreation is carried out, and at the same time, it is also exploring the possibility of combining contemporary culture with contemporary narrative.

‘Spontaneous Game’, the mirror acrylic printed, by Rongjun Zhao

‘According to Bachelard’s theory, all circumstances and things are attached to multiple meanings, and the human perspective can only describe a small fraction of the world.

And because I believe this, I like to express my feeling through visuals that are chaotic, imprecise, and ambiguous.
Here’s what I’m thinking: the possibility of everything that grows out of the noise.

The natural sights I observe all around me, the old walls in the city, surrounding the usual spectacles, and all those things that have never piqued anyone’s curiosity are my inspiration.

Aren’t we forgetting the world of things themselves? the voice-less things once placed as a decor.They don’t appear to be special, yet they are.They exist in the objective world, yet they are not limited to their image.Their surfaces are fluid, and I’m curious about what lies beneath them.I’d like to abandon the conventional fixed discourse context in search of these objects that flow beneath the ambiguity.

My work is based on the self-conscious’ understanding of these traces, the image association between the self-experience and the subconscious, the search for the cracks outside the inherent rules, and the infinite possibilities created by the self-perceived exile. They emerge spontaneously from the nature of the wall, the object, the real and illusory collision, and relevance.’ words by Rongjun Zhao.

‘Bri – collage’, 3D drawing by Naixin Shi

Naixin Shi’s work focuses on exploring the relationship between abandoned spaces, waste, and memory. In this exhibition, she presents a series of handcrafted models and collage works that express the position of uninhabited spaces in reality and memory.

In these works, Naixin attempts to illustrate the ruins of memory by depicting abandoned spaces. These spaces are devoid of human presence, and their walls and floors are almost collapsing, making one wonder if memory can still exist in such ruins.

In addition, the exhibition features two furniture installations created by Naixin that express the preciousness of memory like amber. She has gently repaired the broken objects and wrapped their fragments in the furniture installations, allowing us to feel the existence and value of memory.

Ripple Chen with her lokaReboon Futuristic Material

lokaReboon is a sustainable and eco-friendly innovative futuristic material made from recycled natural rubber balloons.
We use recycled coloured latex balloons as raw materials, which not only retain the rich colours of balloons, but also have excellent material strength and wear resistance, and have a very long service life.

In addition, the lokaReboon production process does not need secondary dyeing, does not produce secondary industrial wastewater.

Register Now For ARTEFACT 2023



London Original Print Fair, 30 March – 2 April 2023

We look forward to welcoming you to the London Original Print Fair 2023

Thursday 30 March – Sunday 2 April 2023

Discover the World of Chinese Prints with an Unparalleled Collection from ArtChina.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new collection of Chinese prints, it will available to view and purchase at London Original Prints Fair. Our collection includes a wide variety of prints, from traditional to contemporary, capturing the beauty of Chinese culture and art. 

Our prints, which range from intricate woodblock prints to modern mix-medium prints, feature iconic images of Chinese landscapes, figures, and symbols. These prints are perfect for home décor, framing, and gifting. We also have a selection of limited edition prints, perfect for collectors. 

Explore this incredible collection of Chinese prints today to add a unique and beautiful touch to your home or as a gift for someone special.

Buy Tickets Here


Exclusive Art Exhibition Event on the 9 – 11 December 2022

Hope you are looking forward to the coming festive season.

Are you looking to do something special this year?

Why not join us as a VIP for our exclusive Art Exhibition on the 9th – 11th December. We have a fantastic  new collection of prints, sculptures, installation, and oil paintings created by some renowned Chinese Artists as well as some new emerging ones to discover.

All our VIP guests will have the opportunity to meet our lead sculptor, Lu Jun, who will be previewing his latest works including installation, sculptures and paintings.

The exhibition is kindly being sponsored by OAK Cambridge international School alongside Saints’ Project Trust, a local charity working with churches to relieve poverty across Africa, India and Nepal, through funding education and small businesses to create a brighter future.

A live auction for three artworks will commence on the 9th and finish on the 11thDecember with all proceeds going to the charity.

Here is your VIP Invitation to our exclusive Art Event! 

Register Here.

Drinks and nibbles will be served throughout the event, and there will be a Christmas Raffle taking place on 9th December between 6 and 9 pm.

With a great collection of Prizes to be won!

• Signed book ‘Mao and Markets: The Communist Roots of Chinese Enterprise’ by the Author Profess Christopher Marquis; as soon as the book published in U.K at 10 Jan. 2023;
• ‘The Last Quarter of the Moon’ by Chi Zijian, cover print by Yu Chengyou, published by Penguin Random House in their Vintage Earth Series;
• £50 HMC frame voucher;
• £50 La Maison Du Steak voucher;
• £20 La Maison Du Steak voucher;
• £40 earrings by Grace’s Accessories
• £50 voucher for one hour session of Bioenergetic Massage
And plenty of bottles of wine …

Don’t miss this opportunity to preview these great artists works!

​Details for this exclusive event.


Friday 9th: 6-9pm, Opening and Saints’ Project Trust Charity Fund Raising Evening (Christmas Raffle and Art Live Auction)

Saturday 10th: 10am – 6pm

Sunday 11th: 10am – 6pm


Cambridge Artworks & Artspace

5 Green’s Road, Cambridge, CB4 3EF

Tel: 07817 029618

Auction No1: Venus, 50cm x 40cm, photogravure by Aimin Liu, 2019

Auction no 2: Memory, Acrylic on Porcelain by Lu Jun, 2022

Auction no 3: Today, Acrylic on Porcelain by Lu Jun, 2022

                                                                                  Sign Up for Live Auction









London Original Print Fair, 26 – 29 May 2022

We are delighted to announce our seventh year’s participation in LOPF. It will take place in the elegant West Wing galleries of Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA from Thursday26 – Sunday29 May 2022.


Save the dates and come to see the latest prints from our collection of established and emerging Chinese artists.

London Original Print Week 1 – 8 May 2021

We are participating in London Original Print Week 1- 8 May 2021 through its online platform. We are showing a collection of new prints in various styles and techniques by our artists. Just click into our viewing room you can enjoy them at your fingertips.

London Original Print Fair Online, 1st Sept 2020

This is our fifth year participating in the London Original Print Fair online. Save these dates below and come to see the latest prints from our collection of established and emerged Chinese artists.

Online Viewing starts on Tuesday at 1 Sept: 10.00 am 

Viewing Room



Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park, London 12 -15 March 2020

Visit us at stand F4, at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, London, for a collection of paintings, prints and sculptures from our artists’ latest works.

Opening hours:

  • Wednesday 11 March 2020
    Charity Private View17.30 – 21.30
  • Thursday 12 March 2020 11.00 – 17.30                                                                                                                                                        Late View 17.30 – 21.00
  • Friday 13 March 2020          11.00 – 19.00
  • Saturday 14 March 2020      11.00 – 18.00
  • Sunday 15 March 2020         11.00 – 18.00

Please email us for tickets.

Join Us at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 07-10 Nov. 2019

We are going to show a group of Chinese artists original prints, it covers all different techniques in printmaking, and three generations of Chinese printmaker from mainland China.

Location:  No. 1 Street, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London SE18 6ST

Opening hours:

  • Thursday: 11.00 – 17.00Friday: 11.00 – 17.00 (Ticketed Event: 18.00 – 22.00)

  • Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00

  • Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00

Please email us for ticket.





View our Artwork at Henley & Partners in Belgravia, London (3rd October- 15th December 2019)

We’re excited to announce that Henley & Partners will be hosting an exhibition of several ArtChina artists in their Belgravia offices from 3 October (private view evening) to 15th December.

Venues:  20 Grosvenor Place, London, SW1X 7HN

Viewing time:  Mon. – Fri. 2pm – 3pm; or Every Fri. 5pm – 7pm. ( Please email us to inform your viewing.)


Prints and other work on display will be from Chinese artists:

  • Tang Chenghua
  • Yang Qi
  • Yu Chengyou
  • Lu Zhiping
  • Wang Chao
  • Cao Ou
  • Liu Jing.

Exhibition Catalogue for the full list of artworks.


Join Us at Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, London 9 – 12 May 2019

Discover stories of China at Hampstead,London, stand I9, through our artists and their artworks.

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead

For you Free ticket Please email us : info@artchinauk.com.

Opening times

Wednesday 8 May 2019
Charity Private View
17.30 – 21.30
Thursday 9 May 2019
Late View
11.00 – 17.30
17.30 – 21.00
Friday 10 May 2019 11.00 – 19.00
Saturday 11 May 2019 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday 12 May 2019 11.00 – 18.00

Coming Exhibition: London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts

We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at the London Original Print Fair again this year. Experience an amazing combination of mixed media prints and various techniques from our talented young artists alongside well-established artists at Royal Academy of Arts, London from April 25-28, 2019.

Opening Times:

Thursday, 25 April: 10am – 9pm
Friday, 26 April: 10am – 9pm
Saturday, 27 April: 10am – 6pm
Sunday, 28 April: 10am – 6pm

Email us to book your tickets: info@artchinauk.com.


Visit us at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair on 22 – 25 Nov.

 Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 

ArtChina, which represents a range of Chinese printmakers, we are also proud to announce that the works of young, emerging female Chinese artists, will also be on show at the exhibition.

 Venue: Building 17, Cartridge Place, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London, SE18 6ST

Opening hours:

  • Thursday: 11.00 – 17.00
  • Friday: 11.00 – 17.00 (Ticketed Event: 18.00 – 22.00)
  • Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00
  • Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00





We are participating Asia Art London from 5 – 9 Nov. 2018

We are going to exhibit a group of young Chinese artists’ work during Asia Art London at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
London SW10 0XE. Most of the young artists have been study in U.K as their further artistic development after they graduated from China. Artwork including prints, painting and objects.

Visit us at The Art & Antique Fair Olympia 20 – 27 June 2018

ArtChina will represent a collection of contemporary Chinese paintings, prints & mixture medium art works at stand SC1.

Exhibit Artists including: Chen Long, Yang Qi, Lu Zhiping, Tang Chenghua , Yu Chengyou and a groups emerging Chinese young artists.

The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia celebrates its 46th edition from 20-27 June, showcasing 160 leading specialist dealers from around the world featuring a wonderful array of one off pieces. Many of these dealers only feature at Olympia.

In 2018 the Fair will become part of the House & Garden Festival, 20-24 June. It will take place alongside three other distinctive events – HOUSE, Spirit of Summer and GROW London. This exceptional shopping destination will present a diverse collection of interior, garden and lifestyle brands with a focus on craftsmanship, quality and design

We’re really looking forward to the London Original Print Fair!

We’re really looking forward to the London Original Print Fair!

Here at ArtChina we’re very excited to be exhibiting at the London Original Print Fair 3 – 6 May 2018. But we’re also looking forward to seeing the artworks of other exhibitors!

The London Original Print Fair is a fabulous celebration of the world of print.

In the words of LOPF Chairman, Gordon Cooke, “Our annual event brings together a disparate international community, so that visitors can experience every aspect of the print world.”

There is huge diversity amongst the galleries, dealers and institutions taking part (nearly 50 exhibitors in total).

Here are just three of the stands we’ll be visiting:

  • Glasgow Print Studio at Stand 41: An artist led initiative providing facilities and workshop space for artists to create fine art prints. Their guide ‘What is a print?’ tells you all you need to know about the wonders of printmaking. They will be showcasing some of the best new works produced in their printmaking workshop over the past year. More on Twitter: @GlasPrintStudio
  •  Moritaka Gallery at Stand 45: this amazing gallery based in Tokyo will be showing works by a number of Japanese artists. One of their artists, Shoji Myamoto, will give a talk entitled New Inspirations in Japanese Woodcut. This will be on Sunday at 3pm. Definitely worth attending! For more information take a look on Facebook: /moritakajpn
  •  The Royal Society of Painter Printmakers at stand 28: The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers is one of the world’s premier printmaking organisations. All of the Society’s members are practising professional printmakers, elected after a rigorous selection by a panel of their peers. They are based at Bankside Gallery, next to Tate Modern. Take a look on Instagram: /re_originalprints
  • So that’s just a flavour of what you can expect to see at LOPF. Meanwhile we look forward to welcoming you to our own stand no. 23. See you there!

Blend Tradition and Evolution 

Wang Chao’s Prints Blend Tradition and Evolution 

ArtChina will exhibit the work of a range of contemporary Chinese artists at London Original Print Fair 3 – 6 May 2018. Amongst the artists featured, perhaps most notable for blending tradition and evolution is Hangzhou artist Wang Chao.

Wang Chao joined the printmaking department of the China Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1998. He is an Associate Professor of the Printmaking Department and Director of the Purple Bamboo Studio (Zizhuzhai 紫竹斋) at the China Academy of Art. His prints use techniques established in the late Ming. Wang Chao encourages the studio to research and practice techniques of multi-block colour printing (douban). He won the Fukuoka Art Museum prize in 1998 and has received numerous awards at provincial and national exhibitions. Wang’s work has been collected by leading museums in China, Europe and the USA.

Traditional Techniques
Wang Chao’s works are a representation of an important part of Chinese art history. He’s committed to preserving traditional ways, including use of the slotted printing table 印刷台 (yinshuatai), burnisher 擦子 (cazi), fiber brushes and papers, and pear wood multi-block printing 饾版 (douban). 

A close look at his prints reveals fine gradation, sharp lines, exquisite carving of text, traditional brushwork, blind embossing and a compelling use of the wood grain.

 A display showing pear-wood printing blocks alongside works-in-progress

Modern Themes
Whilst inspired by the use of imagery in late Ming artworks, Wang Chao nevertheless expresses layers of meaning in a modern vernacular. The Desk in the Jiuli Studio is a perfect example of this combination: at the front, the woodblock is carved with reversed characters with the title, ‘Contemporary Chinese woodcuts’ (Dangdai Zhongguo muke banhua 當代中国木刻版画). Objects from Wang Chao’s work-table tell of the artist’s deep-rooted love for ancient techniques. But the focus of the print is on the modern and humorous image of the print-maker, engraved on the pear-shaped stone, sleeping rather than studying. In a dream bubble (a late Ming convention), a nightmarish image of broken artefacts is depicted.


The Desk in Jiuli Studio 38cm x 50cm

Use of a traditional format to highlight contemporary issues
The illustrated book is an important element in Chinese printmaking, and Wang Chao is a modern exponent of the tradition. In Images of heavenly phenomena (Tianhou tuzuan 天候图纂), the format emulates the early seventeenth century work Ten Bamboo Studio Manual of Calligraphy and Painting (Shizhuzhai shuhua pu 十竹斋書画谱). Wang Chao illustrates a series of meteorological events around a wash-stand. (In Chinese folklore, patterns on the enamel of a wash-stand are used to predict the weather). A sequence of nine illustrations ends with the destruction of the wash- stand. The series is a commentary on man’s rapacious exploitation of natural resources, and the destructive world climate-change that results.

Images of Heavenly Phenomena: Concertina Album 2000
“Wang Chao is a pre-eminent exponent of blending contemporary themes with ancient technique.” says Aimin Liu, Director of ArtChina. She continues, “We are very happy to have a range of his masterful and thought-provoking artworks on display at this year’s London Original Print Fair.”

Modernity Meets Tradition

Modernity Meets Tradition in ArtChina’s New Portfolio to be Featured at London Original Print Fair

ArtChina has revealed a range of artworks to be shown at the London Original Print Fair 3 – 6 May 2018. In many of the works, a recurring theme is continued: the combination of modern subjects and styles with traditional methods.

Wang Chao: six prints exploring a new aspect of Ming painting and printing: These six prints are based on art from around the time of Wanli, but the detail is simplified. The appearance is of aged silk paintings, achieved with the use of a newly manufactured paper called Tangzhi. And here we see the douban method of printing.

Yu Chengyou: Dreamlike Chinese landscapes:Dreamlike Chinese landscapes are the subject-matter of Yu Chengyou. The purity of classical eastern philosophy is a dominant feature. The result is a combination of abstract constructs and natural still objects that capture perfectly the beauty of Northern China.

Chen Qi: Water Series:Chen Qi employs the traditions of water-based ink and wood cut blocks. Appropriate then that much of his work features water. But the vernacular is modern. There is no normal visual centre in the picture, just the undulation of the ripples rendered in light and dark. In nature, water is both the most abstract and the most concrete material. It is, in and of itself, a metaphor for change, and a metaphor for time.

A Ge: Female artist, is one of a group of Sichuan artists who create images of the national minorities in black and white woodblock prints, printed with both water soluble colour and oil based inks.  ‘Stroll’ depicts a full-length portrait of two young girls in national minority dress, one of the girls carries a basket on her back as they stroll through the market, traditional Chinese calligraphic brush work has been used to portray the girl’s dresses.

 Wei Jia , Range of Lithographic Prints ‘Express Feelings of Youth’:By fully expressing the feelings of youth, Wei Jia’s early work (featured here) has become a favourite for the viewer, making him one of the representative contemporary Chinese artists born in the 1970s. Wei Jia has received many awards, most recently, the 2009 BMW CHINA Art Power Most Improved Artist, and in 2007, an award for Most Influential Participant in Chinese Art.



East Meets West

ArtChina will participate in the exhibition East Meets West

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

2nd – 11th November 2017

The exhibition is part of Asian Art in London (http://www.asianartinlondon.com). ArtChina will showcase a range of prints, paintings and ceramics.

Design Centre

Visit Us at ‘London Original Prints Fair 2017’

Visit Us at ‘London Original Prints Fair 2017’



Representative Artists: Xu Bing, Shu Xinping, Yang Qi, Yu Chengyou, He Kun, He Weimin, Zhu Jianghui, Chen Qi,Chen Long,Wuon Gean Ho, Lu Zhiping, Mu Beini, Wan Bing,Tang Chenghua

London Original Prints’ Fair 2017

Visit Us at ‘London Original Prints Fair 2017’

Royal Academy of Arts

4th November – 7th December 2016

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Royal Academy of Arts

Chinese Prints’ Exhibition

Collection of Chinese Prints’ Exhibition

Bourneside Gallery 

2nd November – 23rd December 2016

Pace Gallery is pleased to present the first gallery exhibition in New York dedicated to the work ofYto Barrada. A survey of the award-winning artist’s multidisciplinary practice,How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourselfwill span three floors of 32 East 57th Street, including the galleries of Pace, Pace/MacGill, and Pace African and Oceanic Art. A full color-catalogue expanding on Barrada’s recent film-and-performanceTree Identification for Beginners, featuring texts by Adrienne Edwards, will be published to coincide with the opening of the exhibition.

Bourneside Gallery
1 North St.

Art China joins the prestigious “The London Original Print Fair”

Art China joins the prestigious “The London Original Print Fair”

Held at the Royal Academy of Arts, the London Original Print Fair offers an opportunity to view works from all periods of printmaking, from the earliest woodcuts of Dürer, to the latest editions by contemporary masters. The intimate, boutique Fair provides a friendly atmosphere for both budding collectors and seasoned print enthusiasts to engage with dealers and artists.